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New Notion English Book 4 Unit 1 “Get Up”Period 1

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 New Notion English Book 4 Unit 1 Get UpPeriod 1    

Good afternoon, dear judges. I’m team B, No.16. I’m glad to show my teaching design here. My lesson is from New Notion English Book 4 Unit 1 “Get Up” period 1. This unit is about some actions after the Ss get up. I think this topic is interesting and not difficult. And the phases are related to their daily life, so I choose this unit. In order to make my teaching design more clearly, I will use English and Chinese to present my ideas and points.

Now, I will explain the lesson from the following aspects.

教学内容: Firstly, let’s focus on the analysis of teaching content. It includes 5 parts. part 1、2、3、4 and 7.

初读第4册第一单元Get Up时,感觉这是和人教社教材及其相似的一个教学内容:学习动词短语。通过仔细钻研,才发现在学习短语的背后,有着一个Logic of actions的思维培养,再者,起床这个话题对孩子们来说再熟悉不过了,这就是一个“真实性”的任务,是“以体验为导向的课程”。让孩子们通过学习起床后的各项活动,意识到早睡早起,按时作息,饭后刷牙等良好习惯的重要性。并通过同伴间的讨论,制定出更适合自己,更合理的作息安排。从而进一步培养孩子们的批判性思维能力,进一步提升学生的创造力。

学情教法:Secondly, it’s about the Ss. The Ss are in grade 4. They have some basic English background knowledge. (PPT)The contents of this lesson are related to their daily life. So I use “Task-based teaching method”, “communicative approach” “situational teaching method ”, “TPR teaching method” and so on.

教学重难点:This is the key point and difficult point of this lesson. (PPT)

教学目标:Based on the above analysis, I set the following Language abilities aims and Thinking abilities aims. (PPT)


教学过程:Now, let’s focus on the teaching procedures.

Firstly, I will play a flash and ask Ss ”What is Tina doing ?” “What will Tina do before sleeping?” and review the chant 《Don’t Sleep》from New Notion English Book 3 Unit 6. Lead Ss to find out Tina will “brush  teeth” and ”wash feet” before sleeping.

  Then let Ss to think over and discuss “What else do you usually do before sleeping?” Lead out some phases ”brush your teeth”、”wash your face” and “turn off the light” and so on. Then lead Ss try to arrange the phases of logic and understand they are important.



For the next step, with the help of the flash, I set a situation of” The sun is rising and then a clock is ringing ” to stimulate the Ss interest of this lesson. Lead them to think over “It’s time to get up. What should you do ?” and show some pictures to remind some actions. Such as ” go to the toilet” 、”use soap” and “wash hands” .


 Then show 6 pictures of this lesson, and ask “Do you do these activities everyday ? ” and then number the pictures  according to their habits.

 After presenting each new phases, I will use TPR、phonics、read and repeat and some other ways to teach the phases. Help Ss to remember and comprehend the phases. For example: brush my teeth, comb my hair. (actions)



For the next step . I design 3 activities. The first one is “Let’s match”. Make sure that Ss can match the words and pictures. The second one is “Let’s do”. By playing the PPT, Ss can do the actions correctly. The third one is “Let’s chant” from section 3. I will let Ss to read and do with me.

(设计意图)前两个操练活动,巩固了短语的音、形、义、用。 第三个活动是书上的模块三let’s chant,学生在读后会发现里面编排的内容就是一个起床后活动的合理顺序的建议,特别是最后的短语go out,让学生明白,有条理的做好以上事情,便可以出门了!

(Consolidation and Extension)

 Next, I will give Ss a free space to show their opinions. Let Ss to do a pair work” point and say” from section 4. Ask Ss “Who are they? ” “What happened? ” and ”What will they do ?” For example: One student say “I’m Taotao.” Another Student say “brush your teeth .”


 Then, I will show a book <My Morning> of Tina. Let Ss to read it and pay attention to the order of Tina ‘s morning.

 After that, lead Ss to do another pair work ”say and draw” from section 7. Let Ss to circle the actions of your partner in order and make them in line.

After that , Present Tina and Taotao’ s morning. Let them to discuss “Which is better ? ” lead Ss to find out they are different but reasonable.

(设计意图)本环节通过看partner’s morning、Tina’s morning和Taotao’s morning来谈论和对比自身的实际情况,从而推理出较合理的日常安排,形成一条“起床活动任务链”。培养多方位思考问题的能力,逐步形成思辨习惯。让学生明白没有唯一答案,没有好坏之分,只有适合自己的才是最好的这个道理。

At the same time, play a video about “A boy’s day” and tell the Ss :”Early to bed, early to rise. Keep tidy and healthy everyday.”


    At last, This is the homework for this lesson. And the last picture is my blackboard design, a mind map of Tina ‘s morning.

That’s all for my teaching design, thanks for your listening.


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